Top 5 Tips On Increasing Your Twitter Followers

By Michael Jacobsen ( Digital Marketing Expert From Toronto)


The ultimate dream for almost everyone who is on Twitter is to have millions of followers and have their brand get a vast amount of engagements and traffic. These people want to have an audience that read their tweets faithfully and respond to them because that is basically the whole purpose of Twitter. Unfortunately for them, very few people get to achieve this ultimate dream of having many/high quality followers, unless you are Justin Bieber, Kim Kardashian, etc.  As an expert in digital marketing, I have been able to help companies increase their level of followers. I have helped companies nearly quadruple their digital audience and helped them to build a platform that is engaging for viewers. Building a following is not difficult but to do it well involves taking a few strategic moves to get the ball really moving for you. Here are five tips for increasing your Twitter followers:


Find Your Voice

The first step in building your Twitter followers is to really know who your target followers are going to be. WHO ARE YOU GOING AFTER? For example, are you going after sports fans, marketing experts, fashion enthusiasts or gossip lovers?? It certainly helps if you know who exactly you are going to target before you start tweeting. When you do, you can start building a voice for your company around your specific target. Remember that having multiple voices can confuse audiences and this can result in them turning away from you. Therefore it is important that you have a Twitter voice directed to a specific audience.

Jump On The Trend Train

Twitter loves hashtags! It is everywhere especially with current news dominating the trending topics. People are constantly sharing and looking for things with hashtags. With Twitter you want to make sure that the people who you want to find your content, can find your content. Therefore you have to use these hashtags to your advantage. You have to think about hashtags as categories. Specifically you should look continuously for relatable hashtags for your tweets and do not forget to research popular ones too.

Produce Shareable Content

One of the greatest things about Twitter is that people love to share information. They love to retweet content and put it up on their wall. Therefore you need to attract people’s attention by making sure that your content is very interesting and highly shareable. Highly shareable items are memes, GIFs, inspirational pictures and funny content. It is important to be authentic. Your tweets should follow your voice and you should keep people interested. Remember at no time should you beg for people to follow you, unless you are joking.

Follow People Who Follow Others Like You

The best places to find people who will probably like your tweets are found in places where others are already doing what you are planning to do. Therefore it is extremely important that you research your competitors and look specifically at their followers. If you follow just a few of them, it may peak the audience’s interests and lead to some follow backs. Follow as many valuable followers as you can. Research has shown that usually if you follow a group of people, then half of them will follow you back. You can always unfollow, once you get bigger.

Share, Share, Share

You do not always need to develop original, unique content for your tweets. You can share other people’s information in your industry. You can become an expert by becoming an information hub for certain types of subjects. You can tell others that you are an expert on finding certain shareable stuff. It is important that you keep on topic and try to find things you think your members will like. The more you share, the more people will follow. You should try to tweet at least 20x a day.


With these above mentioned tips, hard work and luck, you can bring in new content and opportunities for many new followers which allows you to reach for the ultimate dream.

  • Michael Jacobsen is a Digital Marketing Expert from Toronto. For more information or questions that you may have about this blog or Digital Marketing, please contact Michael at michaelbjacobsen@yahoo.comor on Twitter @marketing_mbj

2 thoughts on “Top 5 Tips On Increasing Your Twitter Followers

  1. These are really great tips. I think sometimes people are really keen to jump on the need of having many followers but its important to note that you need to have engaged and committed followers. Too often we obsess over the number but quality over quantity is number one. Your tips are sure to help find those quality followers. Thanks for sharing!


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