By Michael Jacobsen ( Digital Marketing Expert From Toronto)


Content Marketing is changing the way companies market themselves to their consumers. Blogging and content writing have become two of the most important skills in this digital era of marketing. In order to produce great blogs, one must be able to write well but also be an excellent storyteller and learn how to promote their articles, so they will be clicked on. These 5 tips will help your posts become more popular.



The very first step in anything is to think about what your consumers want. They are the ones that are going to read it. Are you a chef at a high end restaurant looking for new customers? Are you a financial investment firm looking for new clients? You really need to think about your end goal and how you are going to convert them from reading your blog to buying your product/service. With your audience in mind, you will be able to write content that they would want to read about. Just don’t write about yourself, present what you think your audience wants to know about you.



If you are planning to write a 32 page essay on your newest window cleaning product, then you might want to go to University and write academia and books all day long. People nowadays don’t have enough time to really read 32 page or even 5 page reports. Think about reading a 5 page report on the bus. You are not going to do that and neither are your customers. Also, you got to remember that many people nowadays read content on their phone.



One of the major factors on getting your content clicked on is, does it catch your eye. An interesting image that relates to the topic and can be used as a great header image that will grab a lot of attention. You want to make sure that the picture is great but simple. Try They have tons of great free photos.



Again this is all about grabbing the person’s attention. By having a title in ALL CAPS, it makes it seem bigger and can stick out more than other titles. Also keep your titles short and to the point. So instead of calling your piece of content : “ Michael Jacobsen’s Digital Marketing Top Tips When It Comes To Developing Clickable Content “, call it something like “Top 5 Tips On Developing Clickable Content”. See the difference ???



Nowadays, one of the major trends in blogging is that many pieces of content are becoming lists of things. “THINGS TO DO, TOP PLACES” are just some examples of the lists we see today. People like lists because they are usually simple and they offer more variety. Lists also are usually more interesting to read than just regular content.


Overall , these tips will help you develop more “clickable” content for your site and your content marketing strategy. They have helped me reach thousands of people. Use them and people will click.

  • Michael Jacobsen is a Digital Marketing Expert from Toronto. For more information or questions that you may have about this blog or Digital Marketing, please contact Michael at or on Twitter @marketing_mbj





3 thoughts on “TOP 5 TIPS FOR BUILDING “Clickable” CONTENT

  1. As an art director, I still see the value of pairing an eye-catching image with relevant and short copy. A picture is still worth a thousand words and keep in mind that people usually read or scan an image before the even begin to read a headline.

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  2. Karlene K. Antoine

    Good read Michael. Content is everything and there’s nothing more important that getting more clicks, its the stepping stone for whatever our end goal is.

    This post is thoughtful, clear and well organized. I do believe some visual examples will increase its effectiveness though.

    Nicely Done!


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