5 Tips On How To Be A More Creative Marketer

By Michael Jacobsen ( Digital Marketing Expert From Toronto)


In today’s business world, a major problem that many marketers have is how to capture people’s attention to their products.  People do not seem to pay much attention to the traditional advertisements. This is primarily due to the oversaturation of the advertising market.  For example on a typical workday for many people they will hop on a bus or subway and see the many advertisements plastered about.  They get off and walk down the street, bombarded with even more advertisements. Advertisements are almost everywhere and as a result everything becomes a blur except for a few eye catching ones which stand out from the rest. Therefore it is necessary to be very creative and produce standout advertisements in this new age of marketing. However I should warn you that creating eye catching marketing is getting tougher and tougher with the advancements of technology, but I can provide you with 5 tips on how to become a more creative marketer.


TIP 1-Get Ridiculous

Have you ever noticed that some of your best ideas appear when you are relaxed and having fun? A few of the biggest companies in the world have implemented this strategy.  A perfect example is Google. This company has turned their buildings into giant playgrounds for adults with very long slides going between floors, ping pong tables, etc. Your company may not be able to accommodate all of the fun things that Google has but the essence of the fun, creative culture needs to be there. You should have relaxed, fun meetings allowing for the simple flow of ideas. People should be allowed to make jokes and throw out every idea, no matter how bad. You should be reminding yourself that structure does not breed creativity. Therefore escape from your usual structure and host your marketing meetings with the idea of having fun and being relaxed.


TIP 2-Build A Life Story For Your Brand

If you could pretend that your brand is a person, Who would it be?  A first glance you may think that this question is ridiculous but just think about it. If you answer this question and get a specific persona for your brand it will help you get a better understanding of how you are going to represent your brand to the public. You will be more creative and it will give your brand depth. Once you have established who that person is, you can have brainstorm sessions to determine potential traits for that person. For fun you could compare this imaginary person to a celebrity or add characteristics of a specific celebrity. Later you can build a life story for your person/brand. Doing all of this, will help your marketing people be more creative and in-depth.


TIP 3-Escape The Norm

It is important that you do not look at the past or present advertisements to help you create new ones. You do not want to just edit existing advertisements. You should think of your marketing like an original masterpiece of art. You should try to build something new. What is not out there?  Can your brand reflect a message that is not out there? Can it be controversial? Is it truly different? Difference is very good in branding because it catches attention quickly. You want something new and fresh that the media has never seen before. Think about what would shock you or catch your attention. However it is important to remember that the message represents your brand personality and targets your specific intended audience.


TIP 4-Turn Your Marketing Into Movie Making

You should think of your brand or marketing campaign as a movie. Who are your stars? What is the plot? How will your brand save the day? I think when companies start thinking of their products as Hollywood movie stories people get very excited and usually start coming up with amazing ideas for marketing.  This should help increase creativity greatly. One suggestion is to split up your marketing group at a meeting and tell each group to come up with a different story based on a movie plot of how your brand saves the day. Maybe your brand could even be a superhero.


TIP 5-Be Really Real

Now with this tip I will tell you something that is the complete opposite of what I have said before.  Some companies do not need a crazy imagination, as mentioned above, to be great marketers. In fact, in some cases, the opposite is true.  For some companies they need to start being creative with what is in front of them. Some of the best advertisements are the ones that say exactly what everyone is thinking. The company comes forward in their advertisement and say it. This is different because most companies hide behind an imaginative façade and sell their product through that. An excellent example of an advertisement where the commercial is saying exactly what everyone is thinking is the very realistic Buckley’s Cough Syrup. It probably took a bit of creativity to build this advertisement but overall it came from a very real place. Therefore you should also remember to be creative with what is around you. It may work wonders for you.


  • Michael Jacobsen is a Digital Marketing Expert from Toronto. For more information or questions that you may have about this blog or Digital Marketing, please contact Michael for hiring or more at michaelbjacobsen@yahoo.com or on Twitter @marketing_mbj




6 thoughts on “5 Tips On How To Be A More Creative Marketer

  1. Hi Michael,

    I thoroughly enjoyed this blog post. As I am soon to be recent graduate of digital media marketing its great to learn tips of how brands can differentiate themselves in the marketplace through creativity. These tips will definitely help me in my future career of marketing by being able to bring strong creative ideas to the table for the company’s I work for. My only suggestion would be to include more visuals in your posts in order to catch the reader’s eyes and show them examples of the tips you discussed.

    Overall, great work!

    Nicole Fellows


  2. stephanieehmke

    I really enjoyed the topic of this post! It’s so easy to get stuck in a rut and lose inspiration for more creative marketing techniques. Your blog posts are very easy to follow and I like that you included the marketing tip in a bold header before each paragraph!


  3. Michael,

    Firstly, great post! I enjoyed reading it. I really resonated with TIP 2: Build a life story for your brand. Ever since my P.R internship I was exposed to a lot of influencers (Bloggers, Vloggers, Instagramers etc…) and I could see this tip was very well implemented in most of their personal blogs or platforms that they used. I think that it makes a differences when fans are able to pin point your style, what you do and your interests, let’s say it’s a signature of you or a companies brand philosophy.

    Can’t wait for more content from you!
    Keep up the great work,



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