5 Best Email Automation Systems

By Michael Jacobsen (Digital Marketing expert from Toronto)


Ecommerce is changing the way companies communicate with customers. It is no longer face to face but by email. Companies need to find a way to be efficient in this marketplace and need to be able to communicate to the masses and individuals effectively. Email Automation Systems have helped Ecommerce businesses develop way to communicate easier to their audience. Majority of marketers are using this great tool. According to eMarketer, 3 out of 4 British marketers use some type of Email Automation system[1]. Email Automation Systems are very popular and there are many different sites and system in play that can help you. Here are my Top 5 Best Email Automation Systems rated ( 1=The Best, 5=The Worst”)

Emma(http://myemma.com/email-marketing-services) Rating:5

Myemma.com has been around for the last 13 years[2]. It has offices located in Australia and the United States of America. It is a lesser known brand but still has some pretty big name clients (YMCA, Firehouse Subs)[3]. They seem to offer you a lot of back end support and as well offer lots of customization.  They advertise that their team will help your team in the goal to succeed[4]. They offer a variety of packages based on your business and the number of contacts[5]. Overall, not as much detail the other Automation Systems. They do offer a variety of package deals and they seem like they can help your business but their lack of going indepth with their services gives Emma a low ranking on my list. Decent tool just not the best on this list. They seem very local to the places they serve. Very supportive though.

SendInBlue(https://www.sendinblue.com/) Rating:4

SendInBlue markets themselves as being an Easy tool to use. They offer a variety of packages and support for your business. They offer emails, SMS, and IP plans [6]. The prices seem to be cheaper than Emma’s. SendInBlue started in 2012 and the fact that is relatively new but has risen quickly in the Automation world has given it this ranking[7]. A lot of businesses are using it. Higher than Emma because it seems more global. Also seems to have very little restrictions.


SharpSpring(http://sharpspring.com/) Rating:3

SharpSpring has two types of users in mind. Businesses and agencies[8]. SharpSpring offers different plans based on these types of users and as well pride themselves on being very intergrated with other softwares. SharpSpring is all built for doing conversions and although they may lack in simplicity. SharpSpring brings in tons of tools to generate leads and conversions[9]. Overall, a very good tool for conversion doesn’t look easy to use. That is why it is ranked number #3.

MailChimp (http://mailchimp.com/about/) Rating: 2

MailChimp has built itself to be the mecca of email automation. It has become the “it” place to go for Email Automation Systems. MailChimp started in 2001 and has been successfully been a big part of the automation game with over 12 million subscribers[10]. They have multiple plans that match your business needs. So even if your just starting off or have been in the industry for many year, MailChimp has a plan for you. They have strong customizable options for your site and also offer great indepth analytics and tools to connect to your other platforms[11]. They also have a mobile setup as well to help your company. Overall, MailChimp is number two based on it’s longevity in the market and it’s wide range of options.

Campaign Monitor(https://www.campaignmonitor.com/) Rating:1

If MailChimp is the mecca of automation, then Campaign Monitor is the cool younger brother of MailChimp. Campaign Monitor is drawing some of the biggest companies from around the globe to use it’s software. With it’s easy to build techniques and amazing tracking and analytics, Campaign Monitor is the best automation email tool for ecommerce[12]. Can go mobile and is easy to implement for software and devices. Companies such as Lacoste, Disney, and BMI music ( has artists like Taylor Swift) are all part of the Campaign Monitor family[13]. Offers different plans for different businesses and has customers big and small[14]. Overall that is why Campaign Monitor is given the number one ranking due to it’s ability to draw big name clients and also their global reach.



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