Top 5 Best Practices of Using Facebook Live

By Michael Jacobsen (Digital Marketing Expert from Toronto)


Facebook Live is now one of the hottest new ways for businesses, celebrities and people to reach out to their audiences and get opinions in a real time environment. It is a fun and exciting way for businesses to interact with their customers. There are though many ways that business can be hurt from going live and can set themeselves up for some awkward situations. Here are the top 5 best practices for using Facebook Live.

1.Schedule and promote your event

This is a really important first step. So many people just feel like logging in and using it at that moment. This could lead to a lack of views and not much engagement. If you mention on your Facebook wall the day before that you are having a Facebook live session, then you will get more people wanting to participate and also prepared. If it is a Q and A session, then perhaps in the promoted post to have a line asking people for early questions for the Facebook Live tomorrow.

2. Have a purpose for it

Don’t just log in and just hope the conversation comes to you. Have a purpose of going live. Think about what format you want it in and what are you trying to promote. Prepare formats like Q and A or maybe just a showcase of your product with a little bit of interaction. Either way make sure you are going live for a reason and not because your company wants to try it out.

3. Be interactive 

Remember Facebook Live is a two way street. People log in because they want to interact with you. Asking questions to your customers as well as reading their comments out loud and thanking them is really good for building that interaction. Not every comment has to be read. Try to skim over the negative ones. If majority are negative then just drop the convo and interact with your surroundings. Have fun and don’t be afraid to communicate with your audience.

4. Use a moderator if you have a Special Guest

Nothing can be more awkward than a celebrity being asked an unedited , unfiltered question. If you are having any one that is considered a special guest, it is best to pick and choose the comments yourself as well as not letting the special guest being able to see the live comments coming in. You can either get your camera person to do it or even yourself.

5. Write a script

This really comes down to being prepared. Consider it to be like a live tv show. Have content prepared. Have segments and topics to cover. So many people come into Facebook live expecting the audience to carry the show but in reality you do. Make sure you are prepared and that you have talking points to cover. No one wants to watch you blunder around looking for something to talk about.

  • Michael Jacobsen is a Digital Marketing Expert from Toronto. For more information or questions that you may have about this blog or Digital Marketing, please contact Michael at or on Twitter @marketing_mbj

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