Top 3 Tips On How To Market With A Cause

By Michael Jacobsen (Digital Marketing and Business Development Expert)


Welcome to 2017!! The new era of marketing with computers, influencers, and activist marketing.

Millenials trend towards products now that are less commercial and more environmentally friendly and fair trade. This new era of marketing wants to sell consumers the company’s kindness. A great example of this comes from World Wrestling Entertainment’s Stephanie Mcmahon who tweeted out “Philanthropy is the future of marketing”. 

You see businesses now promoting causes. Some are genuine and others are not. If your business wants to thrive in today’s age of marketing, you will need to play nice. You need to becareful though since an ungenuine attempt at a cause can hurt your business.Here are 3 tips on how to capitalize on a cause properly.

  1. Know Your Audience

It makes sense that Dove would work with a lot of women’s charities and organizations. They sell products to women. You want your audience to be reflected in your choice of a cause. You don’t want to go to far off script and make your customers think where is this going.

2. Don’t Brag About It

Being sincere means being humble. You do not want to look like you are taking advantage of a charity. You also don’t want to plaster your name everywhere. Be fair about it and promote your work once in a while.

3. Don’t Overdo It

Don’t look like a brown noser. You want to pick a few that relate to you. Don’t pick every cause out there. Just pick a few that you think will connect well with your audience and your product.

  • Michael Jacobsen is a Digital Marketing Expert from Toronto. For more information or questions that you may have about this blog or Digital Marketing, please contact Michael at michaelbjacobsen@yahoo.comor on Twitter @marketing_mbj

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