5 Ways The Future Of Facebook Marketing Will Change In 2017

By Michael Jacobsen (Digital Marketing Expert from Toronto, Canada)


Facebook’s F8 conference really set a new tone for what marketing on Facebook will look like in the next few years. With the rise of Augmentated Reality and Messenger 2.0, companies will need to change their social media marketing practices in new ways. Here are 5 of the ways that Facebook marketing will change in 2017.

5. Being Able To Create Shareable Effects

Facebook is following the way of Snapchat in which companies can now have people become part of the marketing experience. By interacting and engaging with filters, companies will need to be able to create these filters for people to use. Nike created one for runners and it was seen as a success. You will need to build effects that will help foster and create a community for your brand.

4.  Using Automated Insights from Facebook Analytics

Automated Insights is Facebook’s newest feature for seeing the analytics behind anything you use on Facebook. It will help you find trends and patterns within all of your Facebook marketing. This will be a very helpful tool and a game changer as it will make your analytics department have an easier time.

3. Having Customers’ Digital Spaces Within Your Physical Space

One of the cool things that Facebook mentioned was that friends could leave notes to other friends when they go visit another place. So let’s say I go to a restaurant and leave a note to you to try the fish tacos, when you go to that restaurant you will see that note. As a marketer you can jump on this by telling customers to create their own digital sphere within your space. As a business you will want to encourage this.

2.  Use Virtual Reality To Create A Reality

One of the cool things with Facebook Spaces is that it will put groups of Friends in fun interactive setting. Your business can totally profit on this opportunity. Let’s say your a hotel chain or a resort. Imagine having the option to show customers a virtual showroom of where they can stay or interact. VR has great marketing potential for any business.

1.  Use Messenger As Your #1 Channel For Customers

Business who use Messenger are starting to see a rise in customer engagement. Messenger has evolved now to be interactive and become a customer service. Messenger in the future will be a one stop shop for companies to sell to customers and answer any questions they have. Having a great Facebook Messenger setup will help your business grow. Messenger marketing will be a major focus point this year.

Overall, Facebook marketing will see these changes for this year and beyond. As Facebook moves beyond text and goes towards images, your marketing will need to change.

  • Michael Jacobsen is a Digital Marketing Expert from Toronto. For more information or questions that you may have about this blog or Digital Marketing, please contact Michael at michaelbjacobsen@yahoo.comor on Twitter @marketing_mbj



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