3 Key Takeaways From The 2017 F8 (Facebook Developers Conference)

By Michael Jacobsen (Digital Marketing Expert from Toronto)


The keynote speech by Mark Zuckerberg set the tone early for what was expected from the hour and a half keynote speech from 5 different speakers. It was “We’re making the camera the first augumentated reality platform.” The keynote ranged from explaining augmented reality effects to Messenger 2.0. Here are some of the key takeaways for marketers from F8.

  1. Creating Excitement From The Mundane With Augmentated Reality- Mark Zuckerberg and Deb Liu

The keynote started by looking at Augmentated Reality and the use of creating effects within real 3D spaces. SLAM ( a tool that allows you to insert text or objects) was key for the Augmentated Reality session. Being able to create and identify certain things digitaly and insert them in a physical setting was very interesting. You can leave notes to friends in certain areas or as well create art and have friends be able to see it within the city. Augmentated Reality seems to be Facebook’s new baby. They know people are sharing images more than words nowadays and they are trying to recreate and be better than their rival Snapchat. Facebook will allow users to creat their own filter and effects and be able to have thousands of filters unlike Snapchat. These filter will make mundane moments exciting and fun. People will also be able to interact with objects in a physical setting online. Overall, with Facebook enhancing object recognition, people can create around their physical world using digital tools and platforms.

2. Virtual Reality Will Change The Way We Interact- Rachel Franklin 

VR is said to be the next biggest social platform. We will be able to connect with others and live in a virtual world in which we can create. You can take your friends anywhere and interact with them in ways you never thought possible.  The VR app is called Facebook Spaces. You can invite up to 3 friends and use Facebook chat to reach others. Building your avatar will be a very customizable experience and will be able to match based on your Facebook photos. This will change the way we share experiences.

3. Messenger is now becoming  like Yellow Pages for businesses – David Marcus

The key trend from this section is that businesses are benefiting from being on Messenger. Companies have seen major lift from just being able to communicate via bots or people through Messenger. In fact, people seem to like using Messenger over any other type of communication to businesses. Messenger 2.0 will allow AI and chat extensions to help your business be profitable on group chats. Customers can order food now, play music, and buy movie tickets without even leaving the group chat.  For small businesses, AI will help answer key questions by creating bots that will get information from your business site. Overall, Facebook is creating a smarter and more practical messenging platform for your business to use and get interaction from your clients.

  • Michael Jacobsen is a Digital Marketing Expert from Toronto. For more information or questions that you may have about this blog or Digital Marketing, please contact Michael at michaelbjacobsen@yahoo.comor on Twitter @marketing_mbj




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