Takeaways From Day 2 Of F8 (Facebook Developers Conference)

By Michael Jacobsen (Digital Marketing Expert from Toronto)


Day 2 of F8 started out with Mike Schroepfer, Facebook CTO, taking the stage. Mike unveiled Facebook’s 10 year plan and dove deep into the 3 main pillars of the plan. These being 1,Connectivity 2, Artificial Intelligence and 3, Virtual Reality/ Augmentated Reality. Mark Zuckerberg has mentioned this plan in the past.

Facebook is looking into and investing into technology that can connect those who are not online to get connected. The examples they listed was Teragraph, MM-Wave, and Aquila. These technologies can deliver large amounts of data easily to people who aren’t connected.

Next was Artifical Intelligence. They want to teach computers to learn the world around us and plan and predict the future. They mentioned bots and auto-captions. Mike mentioned the difficulty the AI has of understanding simple human behaviour. The fun example was explaining to an AI that pepperoni pizza is not for vegetarians.

Mike finished off talking about VR/AR. One of the coolest breakthroughs is the new 360 camera Facebook is developing that lets the viewer move and the image moves with them. These cameras will be able to create more depth.

Yael Maguire then took the stage. He dove into explaining the pros and cons of certain connectiveness and then explained how Facebook’s 3 technologies were making connectivity more accesible. He explained Telegraph, MM-wave, and Aquila.

After that 2 more speakers talked about picture storage, AR, and VR. The two speakers gave a history of the internet and the rise of VR.

The one that really peaked by interest though was Regina Dugan. She had the most interesting topic of the night. That is making your thought appear online just by thinking them. Imagine being able to have your feelings and thoughts understood by a machine.

  • Michael Jacobsen is a Digital Marketing Expert from Toronto. For more information or questions that you may have about this blog or Digital Marketing, please contact Michael at michaelbjacobsen@yahoo.comor on Twitter @marketing_mbj




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